First-To-Market SyntraNet™ And Martti™ Integration Brings Whole-Person Care in 250 Languages to 2,100 Health Systems and Health Plans

January 12, 2022

Care Providers and Community Services Agents will be able to Communicate with Patients and Caregivers in Their Preferred Language 24/7

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., Jan. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UpHealth, Inc. (NYSE: UPH) today announced a comprehensive integration of its technology platforms that expands the ability of care teams managing value-based and other population health programs to include real-time, remote resources, including language interpreters.

UpHealth now offers the only integrated care technology platform with embedded language interpretation and translation in more than 250 languages, including American Sign Language, to serve limited English proficient and deaf/hard of hearing patients, resulting in better health outcomes.

The new offering brings together UpHealth’s Martti™ Telehealth platform, used to deliver telehealth with built-in remote language interpretation, with SyntraNet™, UpHealth’s comprehensive integrated care platform, used by large health plans and population health programs in the U.S. and internationally. Care teams using SyntraNet can launch a video interpretation session with the simple click of a button that sends the request for a specific interpreter to the Martti communication and collaboration server.  Patients and other individuals involved in their care can also be added to this video session, allowing the care team user to interact remotely with the patient and other remote care team members while documenting encounters, updating assessments, scheduling services and completing other interventions assigned to the user.

“The integration of Martti and SyntraNet reflects our commitment to enable better coordination and collaboration across care teams, especially as they manage the complex medical, behavioral health and social needs of patients amid a pandemic,” said Ramesh Balakrishnan, CEO of UpHealth. “This is a one-of-a-kind solution unlike anything on the market today to address the whole-person needs of individuals and promote equitable care delivery. It reflects the on-going technology integration across UpHealth.”

A review of 14 published studies on language barriers in healthcare found that language barriers decrease patient safety, reduce the quality of care delivery and diminish patients’ and health care providers’ satisfaction.

UpHealth’s Martti Telehealth platform is currently deployed at over 2,100 healthcare venues. The SyntraNet platform supports care delivery for more than 7 million lives. The new offering allows care teams using the integrated care platform to collaborate over video conferencing and easily communicate with patients in their preferred language.

UpHealth is working with its partners to improve care for patients who, too often, fall through the cracks at tremendous cost to the system. For example:

  • A social worker in a participating health system can use the UpHealth Community Health Record, an application that helps care teams better understand the breadth of their patients’ needs and coordinate with other peer providers to deliver health and social care, to help a patient experiencing homelessness transition out of the hospital.
  • As part of the transition process, the social worker will launch a video care team meeting between the patient, hospital discharge planner, mental health care worker and homeless services coordinator.
  • The process will now include the introduction of an interpreter via video to enable the patient (and their caregiver if necessary) to fully participate in the conversation, and be heard and understood in their preferred language.

UpHealth is currently testing a range of potential use cases for this integrated platform, including:

  • Supporting 988 crisis call centers or virtual care management teams with a product that integrates Martti virtual call center support, Martti Telehealth engagement, including linking first responders and interpreters, closed-loop referral capabilities, and the highly interoperable SyntraNet Integrated Care platform to bring together medical, behavioral and social data to create a longitudinal, 360-degree care record.
  • Applying Martti Translation to all patient-facing communications, such as regulatorily required authorization, denial and grievance letters that require personalized translation instead of one-size-fits-all pre-configured templates.
  • Including language interpreters as part of care teams to access and assist with initial assessments, behavioral health counseling, post-care follow-up and more.

About UpHealth Inc.
UpHealth is a global digital health company that delivers digital-first technology, infrastructure and services to dramatically improve how healthcare is delivered and managed. The UpHealth platform creates digitally enabled “care communities” that improve access and achieve better patient outcomes at lower cost, through digital health solutions and interoperability tools that serve patients wherever they are, in their native language. UpHealth’s clients include global governments, health plans, healthcare providers and community-based organizations. For more information, please visit and follow us at @UpHealthInc on Twitter and UpHealth Inc on LinkedIn.

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