March 2, 2023

UpHealth CEO, Sam Meckey, shared: “Our fourth quarter and full year results reflect solid growth and healthy margins. While we are pleased with the year over year growth achieved in both the fourth quarter and the full year, we missed our targets. Because of this, we conducted a comprehensive review and have developed a plan to recalibrate our business and reduce our cost structure moving forward. We are focused on conserving capital, rationalizing poorly performing legacy businesses, executing against our strategic plan, and enhancing our focus on free-cash-flow generation…”

February 27, 2023

UpHealth Chief Executive Officer Sam Meckey commented, “Today’s announcement is the result of a commitment to our focus on building a modern integrated platform based on our Telehealth, Integrated Care, and Behavioral Health businesses. This comes on the heels of a complete rationalization and transformation of our business. Our goal is to establish a solid foundation as a technology and technology-enabled services business that can sustainably scale. The divestiture of the well-performing IGI represents a major step forward in sharpening our focus, and a significant milestone as we concentrate on the segments with the greatest opportunity for growth.”

December 30, 2022

UpHealth Chief Executive Officer Sam Meckey said, “Given macro-economic uncertainties along with the current state of our business, we are focused on fully integrating our business units; rationalizing poorly performing businesses; executing against our strategic plan; and enhancing our focus on free cash-flow generation via cash conservation and improved cost structures. We had strong results from our Virtual Care Infrastructure business and our Services business, and we continue to drive the transformation of our Integrated Care business.”

December 8, 2022

Healthcare transformation expert Timothy Wilde has joined UpHealth, Inc. (NYSE: UPH) as Chief Technology Officer, effectively immediately. Wilde reports to UpHealth CEO Sam Meckey and will be part of the company’s executive leadership team.

December 5, 2022

Chairman of the Board, Dr. Avi S. Katz, said, “I am pleased that our first stockholder meeting resulted in the approval of all resolutions. This is a testament to the continuous enhancement of the Company’s board of directors quality and independency, now having a solid board of nine members, out of which seven are completely independent.  Additionally, I am honored to welcome to our board two distinguished industry recognized leader directors…”

December 5, 2022

The reverse stock split will become effective at 4:01 p.m., Eastern Time, on December 8, 2022, after close of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. As of that time, each 10 shares of issued and outstanding common stock will be converted into one share of common stock.