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HelloLyf is a tech and process-based platform to make healthcare affordable, accessible and accountable, while dramatically reducing the cost of care delivery to patients. Our digital hospitals employ a unique, collaborative approach with the local healthcare ecosystem of each location, establishing a strong presence.

HelloLyf digital solutions deliver care to rural, underserved areas affordably, with proven, measurable results outranking traditional, costly healthcare systems.

HelloLyf brings state-of-the-art healthcare to rural populations in India through an integrated model of comprehensive primary and secondary care hospitals, digital dispensaries and mobile app technology.

Services & Solutions


HelloLyf is a scalable, accessible healthcare system, comprised of both traditional acute care hospitals and revolutionary digitally-enabled hospitals that connect patients to specialists worldwide.

Digital Clinics

With its vast network of providers, extensive reach and commitment to universal health for all, HelloLyf is uniquely positioned to steer health and technology to benefit local, national and global communities. Reaching remote, rural areas, our digital clinics bridge access barriers and make primary care affordable, in 140+ locations across India.

Mobile App

The HelloLyf mobile app connects patients with providers anytime, anywhere. Powered by


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  • 2020 Frost & Sullivan India ICT Best Practices Award

  • Recipient ‘Social Innovators of the Year 2020’ by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship

  • PUBLIC APPRECIATION AWARD 2020 at UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange global event, HIEx2020